Transcom High Security Email
Transcom Sigma is a well known antisnoop, anti tracking and advert free email service with many Domains to choose from, and can even be used with your own Domain name, with free forwarding to any existing email address.

Domains Available :

The FREE service is fully compatible with any device including all Android, Iphones, Email Clients, IOT's, Satcoms, PC's and laptops. Full PKCS#12 end to end and storage encryption, and an ajax based Groupware Webmail client.

This is the account and domain control panel, to access your email via any browser, simply click the Webmail App button above, your username is your full email address. You can also use mail.domain , eg,

Mailbox users
are able to create normal and time-limited aliases (spam aliases), change passwords, sync IMAP, Push and spam / quarrantine filter settings.

Domain Administrators
Can create, modify or delete mailboxes and aliases, change domains and domain alias's, adjust domain filters, global spam controls, rewrite address's, rate and quota limits plus many more options.

Use a Transcom app like webmail to access your mails, calendar & contacts.

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secure email is not anonymous email